Family Optimized is a travel, parenting, and philosophy blog written by Chris Egan (and occasional guest contributors).

Most people have no idea what they are getting into when they become parents—myself included. Most of us start with some perfect vision of what our family will look like, how it will operate, and how we will never become one of “those” parents that work all day and never see their kids or that are so stressed that they are always losing their temper and yelling at each other.

We envision a life without the imperfections of our own childhood. We imagine having a perfect work-life balance, plenty of money, little stress, and perfect little angel children that let us sleep in on Saturday mornings.

Then reality slaps us square in the face.

After I get slapped in the face by life, I think about why it happened and how to avoid getting slapped again. Then I write down my thoughts. I usually connect those thoughts to travel, parenting, and philosophy. I also write about the joys of life. I usually connect those things to travel, parenting, and philosophy too.

Who the hell am I?

Egan Family

Well, hello! I’m Chris Egan. I am a father, husband, writer, musician, and explorer. I live in Kentucky in the U.S. with my family.

I try to focus more on what matters and less on what doesn’t. As with most things, that’s easier said than done.

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