30 second answers to your kid's toughest questions - Why do you have to go to work?

30-Second Answers: Why Do You Have to Go to Work?

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30-Second Answers to Your Kid’s Toughest Questions

“Mommy, Daddy, Why do you have to go to work?”

Well my precious child, mommy and daddy “bought” an Audi three years ago and that costs us $600 every month, plus gas, maintenance, and insurance. We also wanted a nice house with a big yard so we could have a fun place to play with you at night and on the weekends, and rather than get a house we could afford, we decided to get the prettier one because, hey—fuck it. And remember, coffee tastes better when it’s $5 a pop and brewed by that nice man with the scraggly beard. Now, turn that frown upside down—Let’s go shopping!

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